My name is Hubert Senters and I’m the grease monkey in the story.

As you can tell already, I’m not some Wall Street guy from New York City. As a matter of fact, I’m from about as far from NYC as you can get…

I live and work in Versailles, KY; population 7,629 and I have 2 old dogs.

I’d like to spend a few minutes telling you a story, about how I got started trading the markets, and why I think most everybody else over complicates the heck out of this thing.

It’s quite a tale, but it’s all 100% true, you’ll know that pretty soon ‘cause you can’t make this kind of crap up.

One quick side note before we get started: if you’re feeling as frustrated as a one legged man at a butt-kicking contest about these dang markets, I promise I’ll try not to confuse you further.

In fact, I’m going to drill this down to just a few simple steps for you to follow so if you have the right temperament and abilities you can hopefully be as lucky with this stuff as I’ve been, and I’m doing’ pretty dang good.

Here goes nothing…

How I Made $868,433.84 in 18 Months As A Trash Can Trader

The year was 1994 and there I was with my arm elbow deep in a cow’s back side…

It was about then when I was in college, trying to be a veterinarian and I figured out pretty fast that this ain’t for me.

I just thought it was ‘cause that’s what my folks told me I should do since I was 4 years old, and I didn’t want to disappoint them.

But instead… I started a mobile quick lube, which was a quick lube on wheels.

I talked my wife into supporting me and for the first three years she did.

During that time, I had a lot of dealings with a local transmission shop I used to send my customers to. Turns out if you can change oil, people think you’re a mechanic. I wasn’t, so I just referred them out to this guy Gus, ‘cause he really was a mechanic and owned the transmission shop.

He was pretty dang rich, richer than a transmission shop owner should be. Rumor in town, he was a mafia drug dealer. That’s probably what they say about me now.

One day, Gus invited me over to the shop for a bar-b-que lunch and he said, “Come back here, I’m trading. You can eat at my desk.”

I was shocked at what I saw; he was staring at three giant monitors he had mounted to the wall, like he was de-coding something.

So I said, “Alright, what are you trading?”

Turns out he was trading 23 stocks and monitoring 400 more at the same time. It was AMAZING!

How a Transmission Shop Owner Made $31,000 in 18 Minutes

He had the bid, the ask, the last, and the net open, and he had just made $31,000 in 18 minutes.

I said, “You have to show me how you did that. Do you do it every day?”

Long story short, I ended up sitting next to the guy on an upside down trash can for about two or three weeks before he turns to me and says,

“I guess we should buy you a chair.”

And I said, “That’s a good idea because I ain’t never leaving here.”

How To Potentially Pick Winning
Stocks Blindfolded

Over the span of 18 months Gus taught me how he traded ONLY looking at price action. Basically, how much money was coming in and out of a stock and which way the money was driving the price.

He didn’t even know the NAMES of the stocks he was trading. He could have been wearing a blindfold and just listened to the numbers.

He would say, “You see this stock? Out of all these 400, we’re going to pick that one, this one, and that one.” And I would say that I didn’t understand why, and then he would explain to me why we are picking what, based upon the price action.

On the price action alone. He didn’t use any other indicators. All he would do was just look at the price action.

He would say, “Alright, this symbol is trading 109, now 110, 111 ½… Okay, it’s coming off of 111 ½, and now it’s 110 again, and now it’s at 111. Okay, we’re going to short it at 111 ½.”

He would just stare at the prices and he had a real good feel for it – it’s something like being at a cattle auction or car auctions where you can just be watching people bid it up and purchase it.

But there was a science to his madness; it wasn’t just gut feelings.

How I Learned To Trade My First $5,000 to $25,000 in Just 97 Days

He showed me how to pick stocks and it turns out, I really had a knack for it. “Kid, you’re a natural,” he would say. It was like a fantasy for me, sitting in the back of that transmission shop staring at those screens was better than Wall Street… I was hooked.

I spent the next 18 months learning everything from this guy he could teach me, then I would go home and read every book I could get my hands on about trading till I’d fall asleep at 1-2 a.m.

I’d be back at the shop 7 a.m. raring to go. I did that for 18 months for free.

It was a glorious time.

3 Bad Trading Habits That Could Cost You Millions in Profits

Gus taught me a lot of great things, but he also taught me a lot of bad habits.

He was a cowboy; he went all out and everything. All margin in, all margin out.

So we would be up several hundred thousand dollars one day, and the next we would be down several hundred thousand dollars.

I used to think, if I could just refine the process. I could get more consistency and less volatile returns by using money management techniques.

He would have none of it. “No guts, no glory” he’d say.

I knew those words would cost him millions, and eventually they did.

How To Stop Making Other People Rich and Try Building Wealth For Yourself

After I had been around the shop about a year, just watching, running errands and doing research, one day he said…

“Here, I’m going deer hunting. You manage the account for me.”

And that’s the way it was for the next six months.

Finally, one day I made like $80,000 in a DAY.

He’d call me from the road and ask how much money I made him that day. And I’d say, “I made us $80,000” and he’d say, “No, you didn’t make us $80,000. You made ME $80,000.”

He was pushing me to man up, but by this time I was dead broke.

I Went From Puking Up In the Bathroom to Triple Digit Gains

So I finally I scrounged up $5,000 of borrowed money, mostly from my wife’s parents, to open my own account and BAM! The first trade that I did basically doubled the account.

I’m a genius right!?


My second trade WIPED-OUT half the account in 22 minutes.
I was so disgusted with myself I went into the restroom and threw up.

While I had learned a TON, I had also picked up some bad and dangerous habits.

“Man up, boy!”

Gus came in to the bathroom without knocking and said…

“What’s up girlie-man, you having a bad day?” And I said, “Yeah, I just got annihilated” And he said, “Man up boy! Get back in there and make it back.”

And I did… but–

I made up my mind that day that there had to be controls.

I just looked at what he was doing and applied some country boy logic to it and thought, “He’d make a lot more money if he didn’t have those days that he lost.”

So my mind moved to RISK MANAGEMENT!

I’ve Found What I Believe Is The Missing Piece To The Stock Trading Puzzle

Gus had taught me how to pick stocks, now I had to learn how to reduce risk. Oddly, this part came from an old lesson I had learned in biology class. I applied the same theory they use when a disease is running through a herd of cattle.

The first step is to identify the diseased cows and separate them quickly, so that the healthy cows can grow.

I call it feeding the stallions and starving the horses.

It was simple enough and overnight I eliminated 80% of my downside loss using automated trading stops and limits.

Here’s how it works…

How to Possibly Earn Incredible Gains By Seeking to Never Risk More Than 3% On Any Trade

The last step to my system was Risk Management. Unlike my mentor buddy who was willing to bet the farm every day on every trade, I created a rule for myself.

I would never try to risk more than 3% of my account on the downside of any one trade, so I would have to be wrong 33 times in a row to be wiped out; anything less and I could recover.

That was it; I believed I was ready for the big time.

How I Helped Turn a $25,000 Account into $868,433.84 (or $1998.44 Every Trading Day) In My First 18 Months

The truth of the matter is, I actually let my quick lube business kind of run into the ground just so I could figure out how this guy was making so much money.

But, after I added my safety features, I took my first $5,000 account and built it up to about $25,000 in 97 days and then I took that $25,000 co-managed account and built it up to $868,433.84 in like 18 months.

How a “Dumb-like-a-Fox” Hillbilly Trader Loses 7 out of 10 Trades and STILL Doubles His Money

I make the most of my money by picking out losers.

That’s the big secret to my system, trying to find out QUICKLY which trades are going to run and in which direction.

Then I find what I believe are the perfect stop points for every trade so that if I pick a loser, I get out quick and just lose a few bucks.

But when I pick a winner, I try to ride that stallion all the way to the barn.

So for instance, I might put on 10 trades: 7 lose, 3 win. I’d probably get fired on Wall Street with them odds, but my losers only drop $600 or so, and then I’m out. But, I’ll attempt to let my winners run up to $6,000 or more.

If I’m able to successfully accomplish this, the math looks like this…

3 Winning trades x $6,000 each = $18,000
7 losing trades x -$600 each = -$4,200
Net Profit +$13,800

The most I ever had at risk was $6,000, and I more than doubled my money being WRONG 70% of the time, (to be honest I’m usually way better than that).

These trades have a low percentage win-loss rate, but boy, when they make money, the huge gains that they make wipe out all those smaller losses.

If you’re a cowboy gambler, I might not be your guy, but if you’re more conservative like me, that should turn you on like Donkey Kong.

How would you like to trade like I do every day?

How To Turn Yourself Into An Experienced Trader in The Next 3 Minutes FLAT

So you want to be like me now?

Man, you don’t want to be.

I eat, breath, and sleep this stuff 24/7.

I’m betting you have a real job or another business you can’t let go that long, right?

This stuff is like CRACK! If you get addicted you’ll be like me, in a basement 10-12 hours a day staring at screens and slugging down diet cokes and pizza. I know…

I’ve seen me do it!

But I truly love what I do! In fact, I think I have a God-given talent for it.

But you don’t want to make a head-long dive in to trading while you’re still green, so I want to make this less time-consuming for you.

Get 12 Hours of Research, Picks, Stops and the Reasons Behind Them in Just 5 Minutes a Day – Every Day

What if I just showed you every trade I put on, along with my limits and stops every day, just like you were sitting next to me on an upside-down trashcan?

Plus, along the way I’ll explain how I found the stocks, how I determined the stops and why I think each is a good trade.

In other words, I’m going to give you the fish while I teach you to fish; it’s the best of both worlds!

You know, my old rich Aunt used to take me to Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby when I was a kid and she taught me one great lesson:

“If you want to win at the track, follow the old professional handicappers to the $50 window.”

She was a salty old bird and not very PC, but that’s dang good advice. Let me do all the work, research and handicapping, and you just tag along.

That’s just what I’m offering you a chance to do, with my full permission.

I call these “Trash Can Trades.”

Look Over My Shoulder – Like You’re Sitting Right Next To Me
on a Trash Can

Introducing “Trash Can Trader Alerts.”

By using my “Trash Can Trader” trading signals you can seek to create your own lifestyle–and possibly achieve financial freedom — by making a potential fortune in the markets.

I show you EVERY trade I make before I make it…

Yep, I’ll do what I believe no other trader with my experience would ever do. I’ll show you every trade I make, tell you when to get in and when to get out by providing you limits and stops on the up and the down sides.

You don’t have to think about any of it if you don’t want to; just do what I do, period.

But to do it, I need to be right by your side, at least in the beginning.

That way you have easy access to every trade I make.

You’ll know exactly what to do in advance of doing it…

And you get an ongoing stream of potential profit opportunities.

  • Stock Equity picks
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  • Currencies
  • ETFs and more

NOTE: Don’t worry if you don’t trade some of these markets, or don’t even know what they are… I’ll teach you, and you can just work in the areas and markets you become comfortable with.

It’s called asset allocation, and basically the more markets you diversify into, the lower the overall risk can be, so you’ll eventually want to learn them all, but in the beginning, you can start with just stocks.

In addition, you will receive …

A dedicated members-only website. Where you can…

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In short, I will leave no stone unturned to help you try to find the financial freedom you deserve.

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You’ve Got a Full 60 Days
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P.S. Whether you are new to trading or have been doing it for a few years, quite frankly, I can’t think of a better time to be in the markets than right now.

The main reason: The great financial crisis that has enveloped Europe and the United States. It’s creating a set of market trends and conditions, which I think are truly historic.

Let me be your mentor and guide. These markets have given me the gift of financial freedom, and I’d now like to try doing it for you, too. Just click the link below.

— Best wishes, Hubert.

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